Puretta Mum's Club

Mum's Club

Who better to help improve child care products than mothers? At Puretta, mother’s are not just our customers, they are also our inspiration. And the Puretta Mum’s Club is the perfect platform for us to benefit from their wisdom. We talk with them, gather valuable insights and feedback, and then use that to help create smarter products that make babies happier.

Our products are put through the strictest tests by GFK, a leading international research agency. A panel of 50 moms, who currently use other products, are asked to try Puretta products and after two weeks, their feedback on our range is recorded. All Puretta products successfully measure up the market leaders, with a very high approval rating.

Talk to some of our Puretta Mum’s and you’ll know why they love being a part of this club.

3 in 1 Sipper

Meet Neelam and find out how naughty Siddharth drinks without spilling now.

Finger Toothbrush

Watch Priyanka tell us how she isn’t worried about Pratisht’s dental hygiene anymore.

Feeding Bottle

Shrividya is delighted that her son can now easily use his bottle, however whatever his pose or position.

Training Sipper

Deepika tells us how she is no longer worried about training her Prajas as he grows.

Heat Sensitive Spoon

Meet Garima, Aayansh’s mother and a quality-conscious mother who is reassured about her child’s safety.

Liquid Cleanser

Pooja shows us how Mannat, the Crown Princess of their clan, has finally got the child-specific product she deserves.

Anti-skid Bowl

Deepika describes us how she is not worried about Prajas's spilling his food as he grows more mischievous. Anti Skid Bowl