About Us

Puretta is a smart new range of baby care products from Future Consumer Limited. And staying true to the motto of “For The Fast Moving Consumer Generation”, our products are designed not only for, but with the modern mother. Each Puretta product is created to address a key need of the mother and helps celebrates her bond with her child.

Puretta products are built to the highest standards to ensure safety and care for the babies. Our range is BPA Free, made from 100% Food Grade Plastic, backed by world renowned cretifications and is completely safe and non-toxic for your baby.

BPA are unsafe chemicals in normal plastic bottles that can seep into your baby’s food. Puretta bottles are completely BPA *Free*.

All Puretta products are made from 100% food grade plastic that is completely safe and non-toxic for your baby.

Puretta bottles are certified by the highest safety standards and approved by ISI & BIS. All Puretta products are EN certified.

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